About Us

Invest JP was born from the union of two worlds, the financial one, with Family Office Consulting and the construction one, with the Grupo Tudic. They combine their professional experience to provide investment solutions, promotion, management and improvement of all types of properties under residential rental regime.

Family Office Consulting was founded in 2002 in Madrid, Spain by a group of people trained in the area of Business Administration and Law with extensive experience in the financial, energy and real estate world, whose common link is the analysis of the cash flows before valuing its potential interest.

Grupo Tudic Construcciones is a multidisciplinary construction company created at the beginning of the century by the Tudic brothers, members of a family of entrepreneurs from the world of construction. Its values ​​from the beginning have been and continue to be, work, delivery to the client and the fulfillment of its commitments above all. Their experience guarantees them as one of the most solvent and fastest growing construction companies in the last four years, in the market for the construction of Shopping Centers, industrial warehouses, urbanizations and residential building works. Thanks to years of experience, dedication and effort, it has become one of the most respected companies in the sector, its name being synonymous with seriousness and responsibility in all its services.

Experience has shown that diversification in investments arises from the conviction that the world is global and plural, which is why we value any type of investment that meets the parameters of security, profitability and liquidity, regardless of geographical barriers.

This union makes Invest JP have the pillars and strength of quality and profitability in the execution of its projects, as well as perfect service and conditions for its tenants.

INVEST JP Philosophy


Achieve a diversified heritage of the highest quality by optimizing income generation, tenant loyalty, continuous growth and leadership in the long-term rental sector, without neglecting environmental sustainability.


Within our organic growth our goal is to create a diversified and stable long-term equity company. We want to manage our portfolio and provide services to third parties who want to take advantage of our professionalism in wealth management.


Trust, commitment, human team, loyalty, fidelity, excellence, communication, closeness, efficiency, execution. Home and commerce at the service of the city.

We have a team made up of lawyers, property administrators and economists specialized in administration and management of Assets.